Monday, August 1, 2011


This last weekend I ran my very first race (thanks to my health difference since learning I had Celiac disease and changing my diet.)  My husband has a tradition of going out for breakfast after all his races, well, I wanted to keep that tradition, but we couldn't go to IHOP like he used to.  So we thought we would try out Denny's.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We had called ahead and found out that they had a list of all their allergens.  So when we got there they handed me the list and I was able to figure out the things I could get.  It also helped that our waitress' mother was also a Celiac, so she was able to help out.  I was able to have a delicious breakfast that didn't make me sick.  Make sure you ask your server specifically about how the food is prepared, and bring a dining card to help the chef out, just in case. The staff is very friendly, and very will to accommodate you. They don't have a gluten-free menu, but they have, as I said, an allergen list that you can figure out what you can eat.  Go to Denny's Allergen Information.  So, if you want an inexpensive meal, then Denny's should be on your list.  Go out and enjoy! ^-^