Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pier 49 Pizza

If you live in Utah or Idaho and you really have a craving for pizza, one of the best places to head is Pier 49 pizza.  For those of you who don't live in either of these states, I will continue looking for pizza places so that everyone can get their pizza fix.  Now, I'm not sure if every Pier 49 pizza has a gluten-free pizza, but all the one's I've been to have.  I know that the one in Springville, Logan, and Provo have gluten-free pizzas.  Just call ahead to make sure.  The crusts are made in a different facility, so there is only one size, basically big enough for one person.  They say they're 10" but they shrink.  Besides this, they're pretty darn good, and the crusts are actually soft, so there's no cracker crust.  I really enjoy them.  My favorite topping is the "Alcatraz" very tasty.  Anyway, if you really want to head out for pizza, and you want to know what's available go to Pier 49 Pizza Gluten-Free.  It's true that it's the menu from Provo, but all the places I've been has the same menu.  So go out and enjoy a tasty slice of pizza!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mimi's Cafe

This past week I went on a vacation to San Francisco with my husband's family.  It was really fun, except for the part of trying to find places that I could eat safely, and that everyone else would enjoy.  My fire was rekindled when I realized that I needed to find more restaurants that could accommodate me.  While we were there we ended up going to Mimi's Cafe.  I had been there before, but wasn't feeling to great to begin with, so the first experience (as a Celiac) wasn't that great.  But this most recent experience was much different.  The food really is very good, and I really enjoyed myself.  There are a number of options for you, my favorite being the Broiled Spiced Flat Iron Steak.  I am not a steak person myself, but this was really amazing!  I couldn't stop eating and ended up waddling out of the restaurant.  The waitress was a little skeptical about whether or not the gravy for the mashed potatoes was gluten-free or not, but the au jus sauce was gluten free, so I had that as a side dish and dipped my steak and potatoes in it. 

My mother and sister went to Mimi's recently and really enjoyed it.  My mother had to bring the manager out to tell him how much she loved the food, but ended up making my sister say it because she was about to cry.  They both had the Salmon Holandaise.  I can't guarantee that the food will make you cry for joy, but I can tell you that it is good food.  So if you want to give Mimi's a try, their gluten free menu can be found at Mimi's Cafe Gluten-Free Menu.  I hope you all enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Though sometimes it's cruel to go into Subway and smell the delicious bread cooking, but it is a really good place to eat if you want something quick, healthy, and packed with protein.  It's hard to believe that subway could have anything for those of us who can't have bread, but they do have a great variety.  They can make almost any "sandwich" into a salad for you.  There are a few exceptions like the chicken teriyaki, but one way I've found to get around that is to get chicken breast on my salad with the sweet onion sauce which is gluten-free.  The only "sandwiches" you can't have are the Meatball Marinara, Seafood Sensation and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.  All of their dressings are gluten-free.  Just make sure you ask them to change their gloves and get a new knife.  Usually they'll cut all your meats (if they cut them for you) on some paper.  It's very tasty, and I haven't had a problem so far.  If you want a copy of their gluten-free menu go to Subway Gluten-Free Menu.  Since Subways are all over, I'm sure that this can be used quite often in your dining out.  Enjoy!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Noodles and Company

I'm not too sure how many of these restaurants there are across the country, though I know that there are quite a few in Utah.  If you have the opportunity to go to this restaurant, I highly suggest it.  They are so good, and they really go out of their way for those of us with Celiac Disease.  You can have 7 of their dishes made, all you have to do is substitute the noodles for rice noodles.  They always get a clean pan and are really careful to make sure your food is safe.  My favorite dish is the Pesto Cavatappi with rice noodles.  It's so delicious.  So if you're looking for a quick and tasty meal, Noodles and Company would be highly suggested by me.  If you would like to see the dishes that you can eat go to Noodles & Company Gluten-Free.  Don't get discouraged by the first list on the page, go down to the last page where it says "watching gluten?"  That's where the list of things you can have is.  Enjoy!!