Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

So, discovering the Sweet tooth fairy was a wonderful surprise! I had seen an ad that said that they had gluten-free products but I hadn't tried it before. So while shopping I decided to head over and see what they had. My husband met up with me and we went over. Oh my goodness the smell was amazing!  They only had two gluten-free products, they had cupcakes and Keylime pie. They give you a choice of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes with your choice of frosting. My favorite is the Keylime pie! It is so delicious!!  Going to the Sweet tooth fairy has now become a tradition for my husband and I. Every time we go out on a date we end the night with a trip to the Sweet tooth fairy.  I'm sure every sweet tooth ferry location is different so going give them a try.  I know you won't be disappointed.  If you would like to see their website for their products and location go to The Sweet Tooth Fairy