Friday, January 25, 2013

Rodizio Grill

So the other day my father-in-law announces that he's taking the family out to dinner.  I'll admit, I was totally stoked (since I adore eating out.)  But I was shocked when he said he was taking the whole family to Rodizio Grill.  Not the cheapest place on the planet, but I was excited none the less because I had wanted to try it out.  I had heard from commercials that the menu was 98% gluten free.  I'll judge that for myself, thank you very much.  It's not a lie or a scam, it really is an amazing place.  We got there and told them that we needed their gluten free menu, instead they handed us a short list of the items that contained gluten and informed us that everything else was gluten free.  I was amazed.  We asked about cross contamination and we were told that the staff is trained, and everything is washed before new items are brought out.  The food was delicious.  I pretty much waddled out of the restaurant.  The food just kept coming!  They even had gluten-free cheesy rolls and polenta.  How often does that happen??  Things on the list of gluten containing foods were things like pasta dishes (in the salad bar) and their chicken.  Pretty much all of the chicken products had some sort of gluten in it, but all the other meats were just fine, and trust me, there is plenty of other meat.  The staff were super nice and I had a fabulous time.  If you're feeling like spending $20+ per person and it being worth every penny, then Rodizio Grill is the place for you.  If you would like to see their menu, go to  Rodizio Grill Menu.  They have a small "GF" next to their items that are gluten free.  Enjoy!!

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